Model Builders Supply (MBS) Individual Patterned Styrene Sheets

Model Builders Supply is the world leader in plastic textured pattern sheets. Here are the most accurate patterns available in the widest selection of styles, scales, and colors.
Molded in .020” styrene sheet, these 7” x 12” patterned sheets are readily painted, sized and applied to a variety of surfaces. They provide highly realistic surface finishes for cladding the exterior of buildings, flooring, paving and a range of other applications.
Illustrations of each style and scale are provided together with a description, and suggested scale. To the extent possible, illustrations are actual size. Please note that scale indications are a guideline only: depending on the application some crossover in scale may be desirable. For some styles dimensional information (such as the spacing between planks, ribs, or the size of tile) is provided in addition to scale.